ContextLogger2 OAQ (Occasionally Asked Questions)

Wed Sep 15 17:44:41 2010

  1. Is introducing new sensors easy?
  2. How much data does CL2 approximately collect per week?
  3. Is installation only a matter of installing a single client on the device, without anything else being required?
  4. Does CL also collect the UIDs of applications (so that one need not identify focused applications based on their name alone).
  5. Is it possible to send trial users questions by having CL2 present pop-up dialogs to the users? In other words, is "experience sampling" supported?
  6. What devices are supported?
  7. What format is the data in?
  8. How can one get access to the data?
  9. Who owns the data?
  10. Is the privacy and anonymity of users guaranteed?
  11. Is it possible for users to view the data being collected regarding their device use?
  12. Does the software really work on the Nokia N80?

Tero Hasu